ReVet 150 Caps – Cat

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Muscles, tendons, bones, joint fluid, cartilage and so forth are just some of the many structures that make up the entire joint and movement device, and allow your animal to use its body – physically.

All of these many structures have a high consumption of a wide range of important nutrients to ensure optimal processes.

What does ReVet?

The ReVet Fedd supplement series for cat, dog and horse, respectively, is compiled to accommodate the needs of the joints and agitators for many important vegetable nutrients.

Why may it be necessary to give a supplement like ReVet ?.

The carefully tailored plant nutrients found in the ReVet series are tailor-made to provide the joints and the moving device with an additional supplement of matched nutritional building blocks as needed.

A little tip in connection with application:
If it is difficult to apply the capsule to the cat, it is possible to separate it and assign the powder into, for example wet food.


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