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Horses and dogs are by nature wildlife, social animals and are closely linked to the individuals who are in their group – humans as animals.

Changes in the group structure and the social or physical environment, influence both the dog’s and the horse’s mental surplus. Cats, on the other hand, are partly social animals, which live through themselves or in smaller communities, where each individual has his own hunting rite and his own hierarchical space. The cat’s close connection to its surroundings and to their home, means that any change in the cat’s everyday rhythm or territory, has an influence on the cat’s mental surplus.

The body’s central “governing body” consists of nervous system, hormone system, certain centers of the brain and various endocrine glands, which further translates the animal’s interpretation of its environment into biochemical products. In order to perform these complex tasks, many and carefully matched nutrients are required for both process and result.
In periods when the “governing body” has to work harder, the body needs additional nutritional building blocks. These building blocks are tailored in NeVet to the cat’s specific biology and needs.

A little tip in connection with application:
If it is difficult to give the capsule to the cat, it is possible to separate it and assign the powder into, for example wet food.


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