About us

The company

The ultimate goal of VetCur is to offer products, that secure the well-being and quality of life, animal welfare and productivity. The objective is to develop concepts that are tailored for the individual animals biological adaptation and need for natural nutrients.

We do the research and develop the products ourselves, so we’re always sure that the products meet the animal species specific needs for essential nutrients and building blocks, which in their entirety provide the body with what it needs to stay healthy and strong.
For example, we identitfy in industrial animal husbandry, possible nutritional causes of reduced productivity and symptoms (eg. illnesses), with the purpose of finding sustainable cost-effective, value added solutions for manufacturers and livestock. And as an added benefit of our natural concepts, the environment gets less impacted and whilst we get healthier food.

Our company buildings are heated using carbon neutral power, and we achieve this by using wood pellets. Our electricity is based on certified hydropower. Our packaging materials are, as much as possible, recycled plastic and cardboard. Even our foam fillings have an organic origin.

Mission and vision

It is our mission to create innovative health solutions for animals, to improve and increase species specific and balanced feeding and animal wellfare.
In detail:
Nature has had millions of years to develop the perfect solutions for life on this planet. This alows us to tap into a vast potential for biological and technological innovation, called bionic/biomemetic technology. It is estimated that the industry at present, only utilizes about 12% of the bionical/biomemethical knowledge at hand, to develop new products and innovative solutions.
It is therefore our mission to maximize the bionical conversion rate by creating innovative solutions, consequently based on nature’s own recipe, that in their entity promote health, life quality, productivity and sustainability.

VetCur wants to be the leading authority on the world market within tailored natural nutrition. Our vision, obligates us to evolve conventional thought and action, into new ways and standards. In keeping with our credo, we are inspired by nature and powered by science on our path to find the right solutions.

Goal and strategy

Goal and strategy:
VetCur is established on a professional scientific and medical backbone, and with a passion for the health and wellbeing of all living organisms on this planet.
One of our goals is to utilize the professional strength in VetCur to consistently develop natural products, that are uniquely tailored to the specific biological/physiological needs of the focal animal species.
Another very important goal is, to satisfy the increasing demand for high quality, natural and thus healthier animal products (as well as human products). This trend is unstoppable in the growing human society worldwide. With our passion and professional solidity and ethics, combined with our innovative integration of bionical/biomethical knowledge we have the keys, that opens the doors to a healthier, cleaner and better world for all of us.

Our final goal is to make tomorrow a better place today.

The short- and long-term strategy:

“To achieve the vision through a close, flexible, open, ambitious and respectful co-operation with customers, business partners, dealers/ suppliers, scientists and education centres”.

This creates the synergy, which gives positive longer lasting results and added value.

VetCur’s three values are:

  1. Innovation
  2. Responsibility
  3. Sustainable growth

The team

Rebekka Gadeberg | Owner/CEO
With a lifelong passion for the well-being of animals, it is no surprise that Rebekka Gadeberg has chosen to use her professional skills to develop unique products for them. As the owner and CEO, she takes pride in leading and coaching her employees, as well as being 3 years ahead with new ideas and thoughts.
Allan Venzel | Sales Manager
Allan is a qualified Veterinary and nutritional therapist (VET). He resides and works permanently at the office address in Denmark. where he has found his calling in life as Sales Manager at VetCur.
Lonnie Schmidt | Relation Manager
Lonnie is an educated veterinarian, and therefore qualified to answer questions surrounding animals in general, especially dogs. She has taught / worked with disease surveillance of wild animals in South Africa for 18 months. Lonnie’s expertise comes in handy whenever customers call in for consultation about their pets.
Bo Venzel | MPP
Bo is known as MPP (Multi Purpose Person)at VetCur. He is able to handle all sorts of craftsmanship, and does it with confidence. He also ensures that his colleagues at VetCur have the necessary equipment and a proper physical environment to keep doing what they do best.
Diithe Jensen | Supply Chain
Precision is what Diithe is all about. Reliable Diithe has the responsibility for making purchases and ensuring that all logistic and production details are in order. By doing so, her colleagues never have to worry about double checking labels and shipment orders, because everything is always where it should be. In proper order.
Arik | Quality Manager
Arik is born as the perfect quality manager. He has loved his job since he was a puppy. He spends most of his time resting, but jumps into action, when it’s time to do the sniffing, tasting and approving various products.
Bam-Bam | Apprentice
Bam-Bam has been an apprentice in the quality department since he was 8 weeks old. As long as Arik is the boss, BamBam will most likely remain an apprentice.