Unique health solutions for animals

Every consumer wants products of high quality that are made with proper dedication, documentation and “know-how”. To offer such products, it is necessary for a company to meet the criteria through a highly educated staff and a professional attitude.

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Our Products

We develop, produce and deliver a wide variety of feed supplements for pets with herbal based mixtures and dry feed for dogs and cats. For the Danish retailers market, we also carry a variety of raw food products.
We also develop and deliver herbal supplement mixtures, that can be incoorporated in industrial feed production. Among these, we also have a wide range of ready to use concepts for pigs (sows and piglets), poultry and aqua culture (fry and growth). These herbal concepts can be added directly during food composition, and thus become an integrated part of the final victual.

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Environment and sustainability

Since organic is a standard we value very highly at VetCur, it is natural for us to protect the environment in other ways too.
The electricity we consume is generated by hydropower in Norway and is green, environment friendly energy. Our heating is provided by CO2 neutral fuel, and our consumption of packaging, especially color printing,  we keep to an absolute minimum. Our brochures are Swan labelled and so forth.
We know that we can make a difference and choose to do just that.

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